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What is Financial planning?

A financial planner is a qualified professional who helps individuals meet their long-term financial goals by analysing their status and implementing a plan to achieve their goals.

Your Just Financial advisor will work with you to identify your financial position, pinpoint your objectives, and prepare and implement a plan to establish the beginning of your financial journey.



Wealth Creation

At Just Financial, we believe wealth creation requires dedicated planning and professional expertise. We specialise in designing and implementing a plan to help you create an abundance of fruitful financial resources. We can help you achieve wealth creation in a multitude of ways; buying property, shares, managed investments, consolidating super and insurances.

If you have already created your wealth, or been fortunate enough to enjoy a lucky windfall, managing and protecting your asset with advice from Just Financial is just as important.


Investment strategy

Your investment portfolio is the collection of financial assets you hold. There are many assets you can invest in. Depending on your stage of life, an investment portfolio should be designed to achieve the objectives you set at that time. Your Just Financial adviser can recommend a portfolio to achieve your lifestyle goals, whether it be assets designed to achieve a regular income stream, to produce capital growth for future requirements or a combination of both. 

At Just Financial, we can help point you in the right direction and devise a strategy which delivers on your financial goals. 


self-managed Superannuation

When planning for retirement, you have the option to manage your superannuation fund yourself. A self manage fund gives the trustees, who are also the members,  direct control over the assets they hold within the fund, such as direct property, shares or investments not easily accessed via a public offer super fund. being trustees of your own superannuation fund does come with compliance and legal responsibilities.

Our Self Managed Superannuation Service is designed to help you with issues associated with this responsibility.  Not only do we offer competitive rates for the administration of your fund, we bring our wealth of knowledge and expertise to the management of your assets.


risk and life insurance

At Just Financial, we offer personal protection insurance, so you can protect the most precious things in you life those you have worked so hard to earn. While we would all like to live forever, unfortunate events can occur at any time.

We understand safeguarding your families financial future, protecting your most valuable assets and providing security to the ones you hold close is a priority. Just Financial can structure a protection strategy designed to safe guard you and your families financial security. 


Estate planning

An effective estate plan can enable you to protect and support your family and secure the wealth you have built up. It provides directions on how your wishes are to be carried out upon your death or time of incapacity.

At Just Financial, we can help walk you through a plan to secure your assets and finances for when you're gone. Once your objectives are documented we can refer you to estate planning professionals to assist in drafting your Will, Powers of Attorney  and other documents required to ensure your wishes are carried out if and when the need arises. 


retirement planning

Superannuation is a key method of providing for your retirement. While you do have an option to rely on the Aged Pension Benefit, your future can be made more comfortable by planning ahead. 

At Just Financial, we can design a strategy focusing on achieving a comfortable and affordable retirement, not reliant solely on the age pension. An important part of any retirement strategy is to ensure your savings are sufficient to replace the income you have enjoyed during your working life. And what is a retirement without being able to afford the lifestyle options we all look forward to such as the holiday home you have always dreamed of, or annual holiday with your family and friends.

Whatever your retirement dreams, Just Financial can show you what is required to achieve your goals by implementing a strategy designed solely for you.