Initially, I was a very nervous investor, but my Just Financial adviser has instilled in me a level of confidence and knowledge where we can discuss, and sometimes debate, investment options. I am as happy as can be, and enjoying life.
— Jim, Southern River
After being caught up in the financial crisis, I accrued a very large company debt. This caused enormous stress on my health and well-being. After a few years, I could see my long-term situation not improving, with my assets dwindling due to living costs, tax and high accounting and advice fees. A good friend referred me to their Just Financial adviser. After our initial meeting, my Just Financial adviser, carefully examined my situation and was able to explain, in simple terms, my current state of affairs, which certainly wasn’t looking too good with me facing retiring on the age pension. Thanks to Just Financial, my finances are now back on track, I can look forward to a future with optimism and without financial stress.”
— Christine, Subiaco
Being in the medical field, my knowledge of financial matters, and the time required to learn and deal with these important issues, was limited. My Just Financial adviser provides me regular review reports, summarising my financial affairs in a clear and concise document. My super, investments and insurances are clearly outlined, with recommendations and explanations in terms I can understand. I now have a greater understanding of financial markets and strategies and look forward to our meetings. The trust I have in my Just Financial adviser allows me to carry on my business without worrying about my, and my family’s financial security

— Jeremy, Sorrento